Reconnect with your beloved elders in a
easy way.

The powered-by-love device created by a geek grandchild for his grandmother.

My Yaya suffers from hearing problems so using a phone is usually hard. Moreover, she relies on my parents to take or make a call. Video calls are also not ideal. The Yayagram allows my Yaya to be more independent and start conversations with her grandchildren.

It’s easy! Push the button, speak, and release!

The Yayagram removes all the friction, sending a voice message is super easy an intuitive.

You don’t need a cell phone, just WIFI (2.4 GHz) and electricity!

To send a new voice message you first need to choose the destination grandchild, the selection is made using a Jack connector, like the cable girls used to do! We receive the voice message through the Telegram chat application.

Choose which grandchildren to talk to using the Jack sockets

Do you remember the cable girls? This is the same! Our beloved elder choose the grandchild to talk with by using the patch cable and the jack socket, each grandchild has one! Next, push the button to record the message and release it to send the recording via Telegram.

Our answer gets printed in paper

When we send a text message the Yayagram receives and prints it on thermal paper. So, our elders can touch it, read it, and if it’s lovely enough, store it.

All is physical, as it used to be.

They’re talking about the Yayagram!

Learn how to build your own Yayagram!

The code is open and you can use two versions:

  • The first one is the original Yayagram, you can get the source code from here and I compiled the steps to build a Yayagram in this Instructables guide.
  • The second version is more up to date, it uses a Telegram bot instead of a real phone number. You can find it in this GitHub repository.

You are free to change the code and improve it. Please, share your changes with the community.

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Get it touch with me if you have any questions about how to purchase or build a Yayagram. I’ll be more than happy to answer. You can use this contact form or directly write to

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